YARDIMCI shipbuilding facilities are based on three main locations covering over 100,000 square meters in total.YARDIMCI, TURKTER and GESA are all established in Tuzla, a well known shipbuilding and repair area in eastern part of Istanbul, Turkey. The roofed workshops are totalling 18,000 square meters.

GESA is solely dedicated for the storage and prefabrication of steel. Plates and profiles are blasted and  primer coated in here and then sent to workshops for cutting and shaping. Preassembly is done in specialized halls and thereafter sent to other two facilities of the group for their final processing.

Executive office, Finance and Purchasing departments of the group are positioned in YARDIMCI, which is also a home for the shipbuilding up to 13,500 DWT vessels. TURKTER is the flagship of the group where ships up to 50,000 DWT may be built.

Design and Planning departments serving the whole group are located in here.

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